What it is

GasLogger is an Android smartphone application or "app". It allows you to log your gas fillups and see some statistics (mileage from fillup to fillup [mpg], totals miles, total dollars, total gallons, lowest and highest per gallon price and overall mpg).

How to get it

GasLogger is a free app with NO ads and no frills. Please visit the Android Market


Send feedback, bug reports, requests, complaints to gaslogger@davidnelson.biz


Please support future development with a quick and easy Paypal donation (not tax deductible), thank you.


Q: Why is the icon so terrible?

A: Well, because I designed it, and I am not a very good graphic artist. If anyone would like to design an icon for the GasLogger app, please send 3 sizes in png format (in pixels, the 3 sizes are: 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48) to gaslogger@davidnelson.biz and I will put a credit to you in the about page in the app, and also on this site.

Q: Can you input total cost and price per gallon instead of total cost and volume?

A: No, but with requests from actual users, I will consider adding this feature.

Q: Can you import data from another gas logging app?

A: No, but I hope to add such support in the future. The problem is that I don't know all the formats that other developers may have exports to. If you would like to see such a feature, please send me the name of the app you use, the type of phone it is running on (Android, iPhone, or other) and a real sample of the exported data.

Q: Can you add a statistic for me?

A: Well, Yes ... or at least I will try my best. Please send me the stat you would like to see.